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The RNC press office has confirmed to me that the Business Insider quote was accurate. Left-wing commentators like Steve Benen at Maddow Blog are all over it and shoving the RNC’s prior position on self-deportation down Preibus’s.

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I really like Steve Benen of the Rachel Maddow blog, and noticed before when his particular sequence of posts, viewed together, perfectly captured the utterly insane state of Republican politics/beliefs today. Well, Republicans haven’t.

“We don’t have any fear,” he says. Kelly’s ideal first guest would be somebody named Steve Benen. He is the “Rachel Maddow Show” producer who writes the show’s official blog. Because any doctor or lawyer who behaved like Benen.

Of course, just as they did after the 2012 elections, House Republicans decided to staff these committee leadership.

And who can blame them?” At MSNBC’s “Maddow Blog,” Steve Benen takes a more unfavorable view: “When it came time for the convention, organizers found they were missing two rather important elements: candidates and voters. And.

Here’s what MSNBC’s Steve Benen said of Smith’s remarks in writing for Rachel Maddow’s blog on July 19: Benen’s lead: "I’ve been watching major-party conventions for a long time," he wrote "This was probably the lowest point a.

Holder’s legal rationale is still being parsed. Here’s Maddow Blog’s Steve Benen: What’s the basis for this? We’ll know more as the process unfolds, but it appears that the Justice Department believes that under the remaining provisions.

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We should’ve kept the oil. But, okay, maybe we’ll have another chance,” Trump said in his speech. The author of Maddow’s blog, Steve Benen noted how just a few days later, Trump, in an interview with ABC news made the same.

As Steve Benen notes over at the Maddow Blog, it’s bizarre to hear a commander-in-chief absolve himself of responsibility for a military operation that he authorized and oversaw. Second, it’s flat-out untrue that the mission was.

Steve Benen is a producer for "The Rachel Maddow Show," a blogger at Maddow Blog, and an MSNBC political contributor. His background includes writing for the.

At Maddow Blog, Steve Benen has been chronicling Romney’s dishonesty with weekly installments of Mitt’s Mendacity and the list never disappoints. So, how prevalent has unabashed, indefensible lying been in past elections? The first.

They were motivated by animus?” Sad to say, that’s a distinct possibility. On The Maddow Blog, Steve Benen summed up the mood in 1996: “Does he not remember the election-year culture-war debate? There were, at the time, two groups.

“Rachel Maddow Show” producer and MSNBC contributor Steve Benen is tired of conservatives complaining about the inordinate number of lefty MSM-ers being promoted to political positions in Obama’s administration. So he penned a.

The frontal cortex of The Rachel Maddow Show, curated by Steve Benen with fresh blog posts and video daily.

From inside the bubble of Team Maddow at, blogger Steve Benen offered a piece of audacious spin. Then at the bottom of the blog, Benen admitted that perhaps his badly disguised advocacy of the Planned Parenthood.

Steve Benen wrote on Rachel Maddow’s blog that he took issue with the premise of the question—that it was very unlikely that Paul’s daughters or granddaughters would face a sexual attack—but that Paul’s answer struck him as.

Donald Trump is the first president to nominee four "not qualified" judicial nominees, by the ABA’s analysis. Senate Republicans don’t seem to care.

The same is true of Bill Clinton’s nominees,” Steve Benen, a producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, wrote on The.

The frontal cortex of The Rachel Maddow Show, curated by Steve Benen with fresh blog posts and video daily.

Steve Benen is a producer for "The Rachel Maddow Show," a blogger at Maddow Blog, and an MSNBC political contributor. His background includes writing for the.

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That’s the case with "Pointless Nullification in Kansas," a blog post by Rachel Maddow Show producer Steve Benen. Surprising as it may sound, conservatives interested in preserving the Second Amendment can look to Benen for all.