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Popular Videos – Mocha Uson Mocha Uson – Topic;. Mocha Uson’s blog, General Bato Dela Rosa at Mocha Uson sings Bakit.

Nancy to Mocha: Decide – blogger or Asec? By. Mocha Uson arrived at the Senate hearing on. who is behind the blog “Thinking Pinoy” and is now a.

Even when they focused on Mocha Uson, everything was off tangent. Grace and other senators asked the PCOO delegation if they thought Mocha should close.

Feb 20, 2018  · Breakdown 1 – Mocha Uson Blog. February 20, 2018 February 21, raised by The Manila Times in an editorial “Dealing with the reality of a Mocha Uson.

Margaux Justiniano Uson, popularly known as Mocha Uson, was designated MTRCB board member last. Uson, who writes a column for The STAR, has been using her blog to attack critics and perceived political rivals of Duterte,

She became well-known on Facebook running her personal page, Mocha Uson Blog, which began as a page where she posted videos of her dancing and sex advice videos but morphed into a political page during the 2016 Philippine.

The survey was conducted on Facebook by PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha.

In line with this, Senator Grace Poe slammed the blog of Presidential Communications Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. “Perhaps that this is a conflict of interest and it should be shut down,” said Poe. On the other hand,

If only because the Mocha Uson Blog (actually a Facebook page) has 4,202,366 likes, and mine has 1,494—help, please like—I would love to ask Mocha over coffee how opinion can be more effective. First,

Are Mocha Uson’s supporters even real?. Scroll down her Facebook page “MOCHA USON BLOG,” and you’ll see that her posts attract over hundreds and thousands.

Senators urge Mocha Uson: Use your power wisely. — Communications Assistant Secretary and blogger Mocha Uson was in the hot seat. When Mocha Uson Blog.

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BLOGGER MOCHA Uson stirred controversy online when she shared a picture of Matanglawin Ateneo’s lampoon issue “MOCHANG TANGA BLOG,” asking.

Flippish Launch Party. “Mocha Blog Live”, hosted by Mocha Girls sexperts Mocha Uson and. Flippish’s resident sexpert Mocha Uson gives us a little hint of.

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The Mocha Girls, who rose to fame in part because of a blog authored by the group’s lead vocalist Mocha Uson that specialises in offering sensual advice to couples, got the crowd going with their sing-dance numbers, although they.

Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson finally put her popular blog to good use after she posted a photo of provincial buses maneuvering in the middle of a busy street,

The conspiracy theory gained steam when the Senate hearing was linked to an online petition to close down the popular Mocha Uson Blog, a pro-Duterte Facebook page which has been accused of spreading misinformation through, among.

“If it would take a year to do it, then we’ll do it. If it’s over within a month, then I’d be happy,” Duterte said in a video posted on Facebook by Mocha Uson, the assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operation Office. The.

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Alejandro "Bong" Ramos’ Butas 2 – Confused Perspectives & Succulent Visuals. Pia (Mocha Uson). Do NOT start a blog site if you’re just going to prey on the.

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Jan 21, 2018  · NEWS — Communications Assistant Secretary Esther Margaux ‘Mocha’ Uson on Sunday addressed her bashers on. Photo grabbed from FacebookMOCHA USON BLOG.

MANILA, May 24 (Xinhua) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that he would be harsh in dealing with terrorists in the country. In an interview posted by Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson on her blog,

MOCHA USON BLOG. 5.5M likes. NOT a Journalist just an ORDINARY FILIPINO The opinions expressed here represent my own views and not of PCOO. Email-.

Trillanes accused Uson of three counts of libel based on the latter’s posts on the Facebook page Mocha Uson Blog. In one of the posts, which has already been taken down, Uson shared a publication of Davao Breaking News – 2 detailing.

MULA KAY ED LINGAO: Dear Assec Mocha and the MOCHA USON BLOG: I will try to understand your inability to comprehend what it was like to.

Trillanes’ complaint said the former entertainer and sex advice columnist “published and/or caused the publication of a derogatory article/Facebook post on her Facebook Account, which is publicly known as the ‘Mocha Uson.

Pro-Duterte bloggers like Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. Poe pointed out that Uson’s government position requires that she be.

MULA KAY ED LINGAO: Dear Assec Mocha and the MOCHA USON BLOG: I will try to understand your inability to comprehend what it was like to.

Mocha Uson ranks #5853 among the. confirmed ko lang po miss mocha uson kung kilan po ulit ang livestreaming po ng mocha flippish?tnx po. What Is Mocha Uson Blog.

About Mocha Uson / / Singer, known professionally as Mocha Uson or by her stage name Mocha, is a Filipino singer, dancer, MOCHA USON BLOG,

But Uson the blogger is a different beast altogether. Her page is less about her and more about the community she has brought together, an idea that she has acknowledged. “This is what other pages/media do not understand, that the.

Criticize Mocha Uson All You Want But Don’t Slut-Shame Her By September Grace Mahino. Photo courtesy of Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page.

The former DSWD secretary also responded to Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson who said. Taguiwalo added Uson’s comment shows she does.